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  • Florida Environmental Law
  • Federal Environmental Law
  • Administrative & Governmental Law
  • Mediation Services

  • Routinely advises clients on developing agency policy and regulatory programs to assist in corporate strategic planning and implementation. Can help corporations formulate and kick-off a comprehensive environmental law compliance program in Florida.

  • Worked on and lobbied formulation and passage of most significant Florida environmental laws by the Florida Legislature from mid-1970’s through 2000.

Florida Environmental Law

Solid and hazardous waste management, storage tank systems, groundwater regulation, deep well injection, site assessment and remediation legal issues, water discharge and facility permitting, petroleum products and used oil, air regulation, resource recovery and management, pollutant discharge prevention and control, environmental contamination, property remediation and redevelopment, environmental auditing and transactional due diligence, environmental compliance and risk management, environmental legislative practice, hazardous materials management.