Who We Are?

About the Firm

William D. Preston, P.A.’s statewide Florida practice has been focusing on environmental law, governmental law, policy, strategic planning and counseling for over 40 years. The firm has an emphasis on identifying and then resolving environmental regulatory issues related to permits, compliance (including agency enforcement actions), liabilities, property transactions, interpretations of statutes and rules, and client strategy development and implementation.

A Broad Perspective and Extensive Experience

The firm has a broad perspective and extensive breadth of historical experience in interacting with Florida’s environmental regulatory agencies and personnel (in addition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) through effective and mutually respectful relationships. The firm has numerous contacts in both Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Headquarters offices (Tallahassee) and throughout all six District offices spanning Florida. In addition, the firm has working relationships with many consulting and engineering firms throughout Florida for the purposes of team building, as necessary, to address unique client needs.

Communication and Interaction

Frequent client communications and interactions, including status updates, create opportunities for alternative problem-solving approaches that foster satisfactory accomplishment of client goals and remedies. Sound leadership helps clients make the right decisions for themselves, their companies, or their shareholders.

  • Status updates
  • Problem-solving approaches 
  • Accomplishment of client goals 
  • Cost-effective remedies 
  • Sound leadership 
  • The right decisions 

Seasoned Professional Staff

Christina L. Preston has served as Office Administrator since the founding of the firm in 2001 providing billing, accounting and management of the firm’s day-to-day activities. In addition to her adept computer skills, she provides paralegal support, research and various other activities for clients in support of Mr. Preston. With her contributions, the tightly and efficiently managed small size law firm allows Mr. Preston to focus attention on client concerns, case strategy and satisfactory resolution of client problems.

Lower Overhead

Lower small firm overhead helps keep fees and costs competitive with larger law firms and reduces client conflicts as well. Results in maximizing Mr. Preston’s attention and particular skills on efficiently and economically solving each client’s needs and particular problem. Smaller group of clients minimize conflicts of interest and tend to maximize Mr. Preston’s availability to address existing and new client issues without delay.

Feel Free to Contact Mr. Preston

If you wish, feel free to contact Mr. Preston for a short initial consultation at no charge on your problem.