Personal Statement


During my many years of prior environmental law practice, I provided a range of services for a long and diverse list of clients covering a wide range of environmental regulatory topics and issues. Each of them on that list was important to me, and I worked very hard to provide counsel and help to achieve a result that satisfied each client’s need and problem. That problem solving philosophy and focus hasn’t changed for me over my career. However, now as a solo practitioner for the past 20 years or so, I often have clients that may be individuals or small businesses who feel trapped in a governmental regulatory maze that they don’t understand and who experience related stress and anxiety. Their worries and concerns are as important to me as compared to a key regulatory permit application or resolving an agency enforcement action for a Fortune 200 company. Obtaining a successful result for those smaller clients provides the same degree of shared satisfaction to me at this stage of my professional career. That is why all of my legal service projects are of equal importantance to my law firm.  

Bill Preston