The firm’s expertise is focused on:

Solid & Hazardous Waste

  • Solid waste and hazardous waste (subset of solid waste) permitting, management, and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Regulatory Resolution

  • Environmental regulatory non-compliance resolution, including settlement of FDEP enforcement cases (Warning Letters, Notices of Violation, Consent Orders).

Regulatory Analysis

  • Regulatory analysis and interpretation of Florida-specific  environmental laws and FDEP program rules to narrow the focus of client needs coupled with a direct strategic approach on problem solving and issue(s) resolution to suit each particular case.

Groundwater Impacts

  • Addressing and resolving groundwater impacts regulated under applicable laws, rules, and agency policies and programs. Most of Florida’s 22 million residents and even more annual visitors drink from and utilize the State’s groundwater resources. Springs, lakes, shallow and deeper aquifers, and private as well as municipal wells are all susceptible to adverse effects from diverse agricultural, commercial, and industrial activities, including local governments. An understanding of evolving Florida laws, policies, and a web of inter-related FDEP programs and regulations, is crucial to resolving Florida groundwater-related regulatory issues and concerns.

Property Contamination

  • Assessing and identifying legal liability pertaining to environmental media (soil, sediment, groundwater, surface waters) from the perspective of site owner, prospective purchaser, or potentially affected adjacent and nearby property owner(s).
  • Providing legal and regulatory strategic considerations for property contamination, contamination clean-up alternatives under FDEP program requirements and regulations, and obtaining FDEP approvals for completing site remediation actions.
  • Obtaining FDEP approvals for completing site remediation actions using “risk-based corrective actions” to foster issuance of FDEP site rehabilitation completion orders (SRCO) and reduce costs.

  • “Conditional” closure of contaminated sites utilizing “institutional controls” (local government ordinances, deed restrictions, well drilling safeguards) and engineering controls (caps/covers over soil, fencing, signage) with long-term maintenance plans, allow residual contamination to be left in place thereby reducing costs and delays for closure.

Mediation Services

  • The firm also offers mediation services: Mr. Preston’s 40+ years of problem-solving legal practice provides a useful backdrop for his role as a facilitator and mediator during agency and party dispute resolution negotiation. His substantive knowledge and personal interactive techniques foster a cooperative climate of teamwork that focuses on joint problem-solving. That spirit of working together assists the parties involved in identifying common interests and becoming stakeholders in the decision-making process.
  • Mr. Preston’s mediation/facilitation style also builds trust and respect for the parties’ needs and interests in furtherance of fostering a process that will produce results. His patient, no-nonsense approach, and an ability to listen carefully ensures that the parties have sufficient time to explore all options beneficial to a successful resolution of the conflict.